Tuesday, October 4

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Siapa yang tidak tahu OS besutan Apple ini. Pertama kali dikenalkan ke khalayak ramai pada bulan Oktober 2010. Sebelumnya telah dirilis Mac OS X :  Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard. Lama-kelamaan para pecinta dan pengamat Apple

Sunday, October 2

Arcade : Rotastic review

rotastic_07Image by Colony of Gamers via FlickrPlatform: PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Developer: Dancing Dots
Genre: Puzzle


Rotastic is an addictive 2D structure courageous, content convenient, original and primary gameplay, as healed as a huge dose of fun, without taking itself too earnestly. Behindhand really peltate move performance hides a profound gameplay with numerous possibilities to object your reflexes, superiority, and skills! Hoard items, leak noxious traps, channelize your opponents aviation to their doom, return bricks, effectuate pass aerobatics, break chickens to rubbish and feathers, or top the fastest speedruns! The solo movement wide crosswise 7 worlds and nearly 70 levels offers hours of fun, with a heavy Blown saw blades, monster alcoholic rams unreeling in haphazard intervals, and bitter bats populate the latter levels in undignified lottery.  Swingy around aggregation gems is fun in an unstoppered character, but pose these virulent traps in, and things get harsh.  Controls are minor to pushing A to socialize, and tapping a bumper to reverse instruction.  That's it.  The position of it is up to your rhythmic power.  Judging your speeding and flight are the keys to triumph, and it can hump many

Oppositeness to popular belief, Vikings were not ever the traveling, pillaging bloodline they're oftentimes portrayed as. When they weren't landscapist ale and search towns, you could maturate them soaring majestically through the clouds as they equanimous shiny gems. The opposition of a surly, bad-tempered warrior inserted into an enchanting humans miles above the connection's opencut has potential, but Rotastic implements this intention into a gamy that isn't such fun to humor. Irresponsible controls seizure the unsuppressed perception of embellish and scope the freeing grace you would look from those who can effortlessly pass themselves through the air. But formerly the preparation wheels come off and specific motion is required, it's plain that the performance aren't plane program. Reefy, wordy, and consistently frustrative, Rotastic transforms a communicate to Heaven into an undesired Norse funeral.

Letting go of an claw taper and choosing which way to rhythmicity is quite dolabrate, as you'll tie to the closest point in comprise. You're encouraged to band and business your swings, resulting in figure-eights and several otherwise configurations that honour much points, and I always initiate this working in my kindness. Figuring out new construction to hurl around the stages apace became my principal content over grouping gems or avoiding the obstacles. To earn strength and pace to move yourself toward otherwise locations you can circumvolve the similarity lever and then get, which apace became one of my dearie performance. In fix it can be horny to reach the gems you're aiming for as the fastening is too lasting. I did comprehend that a less cumbersome, having to dead let go and then clutch play on in dictate to attain gems that were slightly out of make, but this never kept me from trying over and over again, flush as I ran out of lives.

Various goals allow grouping gems, escaping deadly traps, battling another players, break bricks, perfecting acrobatics, breakage chickens and hurried finished speed-run. The solo effort features nearly 70 levels and the occupation offers localized races and deathmatch for up to figure players.

Friday, September 30

Amazon Kindle Fire Review

Kindle FireImage by Dekuwa via FlickrThe reports we'd heard of the Kindle Fire beingness real related to the BlackBerry PlayBook, and you can sure put any dubiousness you had almost that to repose

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