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Telikin Touch Screen Computer Review

“Telikin has an elegant solution for keeping in touch with its easy to use all-in-one computer.”

 The Telikin computer is the new "Effortless to Use" personal AIO Feeling machine with improved in software for all general functions targeted at domicile users and precedential users. Disclosed at the 2011 CES in Las Vegas, the Telikin now accessible to D&H's uncastrated web of IT resellers, consumer electronics dealers and retailers. The computer allows users to savor the top functionality of PCs including video jaw, picture distribution, email, promise processing, and cultural media, harmful the viruses, pop-ups and involved applications.

Telikin's organized web feeding enables you to easily reach news‚ domicile shopping‚ and subjects of Own touch to you. Imagine beingness able to indicate your hometown newspaper or ensue your investments by selecting a tract from your favorites accumulation! Actual tidings headlines and defy forecasts are streamed into Telikin's bag attender to living you sophisticated at a look.

Telikin's interactive calendar lets you easily schedule‚ manage‚ and acquire events. It is simple to set up appointments fix excerpt of birthdays and anniversaries‚ and incur reminders to save you systematic.

Makes Email smooth with prominent fonts and rounded instructions. You can channelise and find emails and be notified on your plate impede when new email arrives.

Digital exposure sharing can be through without telecommunicate attachments or complex programs. By simply conjunctive to Facebook or another image distribution accounts‚ albums of your kinsfolk and friends are automatically uploaded

Quick Overview

The stress and hassle of setting up a traditional PC is a thing of the past. Telikin comes with its software fully installed and ready to go out of the box! Just connect Telikin to your high-speed Internet provider and enjoy the experience! Telikin’s Tech Buddy feature (remote access) allows a designated friend or family member to access Telikin from their personal computer. Your tech buddy can connect to your Telikin, see what you see, and help guide you through any questions you might have - anywhere in the world.

Telikin comes with a 60 day trial period, 1 year warranty and free support for the first 60 days


- Preloaded with Telikin ease-of-use software
- Preloaded with access to email and Facebook
- Preloaded with photo manager
- Access to the internet
- Video Chat
- Preloaded with games: solitaire, blackjack, memory, majong, photo scramble
- All in one unit

Technical Specifications

- 18.6" LCD Touch Screen, White
- Dual Core CPU 1.8 Ghz, 2GB SDRAM
- 320GB Disk, 1.3MP Webcam with microphone
- 4 USB, 6 in 1 Mem Card Reader
- Wireless 803.11 b/g/n, Speakers
- Wired Keyboard and Mouse


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